Football and Rugby Season is upon us

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Knocked out, loosened or damaged teeth are a regular occurrence in sport, requiring extensive visits to the dentist and often a life time of treatment for the affected tooth and in some cases, replacement of missing teeth with dental implants or dentures may be required.

A well-fitted, customised mouthguard can protect your teeth and jaw by spreading the impact from contact, reducing the risk of damage to your teeth.

Why invest in a customised mouthguard?

Store bought mouth guards are rarely a perfect fit, can dislodge easily and may not offer best protection from severe impact on your teeth and jaws. The cost of a mouthguard fitted by a dentist is a good insurance against the possible costs of reconstructive surgery or emergency dental work required as the result of a sporting accident. Custom fitted mouthguards can have up to two layers of vinyl material, fitting snugly around your teeth, no matter how crowded they are. They ensure you can breathe well, absorb any shock of impact to your teeth and jaws and are retained well in your mouth. Custom fitted mouthguards are more durable than over-the-counter ones, plus you can customise them even further with your team colours.

Avoid unnecessary expense by making an appointment with a Brisbane West Dental Group dentist to protect your teeth with a personalised mouthguard.